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tv   Washington Journal David Graham Previews President Trumps Florida Rally  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 5:01pm-5:06pm EST

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i had proved to them that i can write, that i can be a good colleague in a newsroom, where i was one of very few people of color. just getting in the door isn't enough. what do you do once you walk through it? announcer: for our complete schedule, go to president trump is in florida this weekend spending time at has mar-a-lago estate. shortly, he will speak to supporters at a rally in melbourne. we will bring you that event live as it gets underway. learn more about the rally earlier this morning on "washington journal." >> president trump is set to have a rally today, the first of his presidential term. we are now joined by david for "thetaff writer
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atlantic," who wrote about the rally he is having in florida today. thank you for joining us. -- guest:ank you for thank you for having me. like trumpesn't look is going to improvise much. what do you mean by that? what do you mean about this being a campaign event? guest: it's really interesting. this event is a campaign style rally where he is going to speak much like he did during the campaign and some rallies after the inauguration. it's being run through his campaign. the white house press secretary said at the campaign of it.
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it has to be paid for by his campaign, meaning he can fund raise. it's also interesting because he has made a lot of steps to run a serious campaign very early, while his 2016 campaign seemed at times like you was making it up as he went along. in 2020 for candidacy on inauguration day, and i you see his first campaign event. this president trump compared to other presidents when it comes to the pace of thinking about a reelection bid? guest: this is really unusual. to file the papers for reelection on inauguration day it's some, although legal things that allow you to fund raise. we cede president getting political from the first time they are in office. that's standard. usually they do that in ways where they call it a presidential event and then
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taxpayers foot the bill. trump tonusual is for say outwardly that it is a campaign event and treated that way. -- and to treat it that way. him talk aboutrd his margin of victory a lot. how much about this is preparing for 2020 and how much is about donald trump wedding to speak to crowds that cheer for him? guest: that's a big part of it. he really does like this campaign events. he seems very comfortable and seems to have fun. rallies aftergave the election, too. i think there's a pr move. he's had a rough couple of weeks in the press. to go outside of washington to a place where he is speaking to his supporters, he can talk about the things he wants to on his own terms, and it helps them get back in a groove and feel comfortable. think thatdo you this permanent campaign of sorts will have on the president's
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policy in the white house? guest: it's an interesting question, and it's tough to tell. the way that the president talks about the election, even when he is not dealing with campaign things, for example, his discussion about his electoral margin at his press conference, is an interesting thing. it shows he tends to think in that campaign mode. very well really seen how the separate policy from the campaign. he tends to mix them to a great extent. we will see if he continues to do that or at events like this allow him to separate them. host: david graham, staff writer for the atlantic, thank you for being here today. announcer: we are still waiting for president trump to appear at a rally in florida. the president is spending the weekend there at his mar-a-lago estate. we wait, we will show you some of today's "washington journal." host: welcome back.


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